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Specification & Uses

Rack supported mezzanine floors create usable space between existing racks so that you can manage to keep the additional loads as per the demands. This can be an ideal and economical way to use the existing space without extending or removing anything. By adding a vertical space in your warehouse either partially or fully, we can solve your storage problems in a timely manner.

Technical Specs

  • Loading Capacity – 1 Ton – 3 Ton
  • Beam Length – 2.7 Mtrs to 3.7 Mtrs


  • Suitable for retail distributions, electronics, auto parts store, wholesale, warehouses etc.


  • High stability of the construction and, consequently, comfortable working conditions for staff on the upper floor.
  • Loading up to 1000 kg/m2.
  • Fully mountable-dismountable system that allows vertical extension and reconfiguration.
  • Various types of platform decking.

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