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Specification & Uses

Pallet racking system is an arrangement of pallets in either single or double rows, positioned side by side so that product handling is easy and goods are directly accessible. The pallet height and distribution depend on the characteristics of the forklifts or of the lifting equipments, and on the warehouse size. Pallet racking system remains to be the most useful and popular storage option for utilising the space in warehouses and picking fields. The system allows easy access to every pallet and better storage for goods and supplies.

Technical Specs

  • Loading Capacity – 1 Ton – 3 Ton
  • Beam Length – 2.7 Mtrs to 3.7 Mtrs


  • Suitable for retail distributions, electronics, auto parts store, wholesale, warehouses etc.


  • Perfect stock control, every compartment has its relative pallet
  • Adaptable to every layout, weight and volume of the goods
  • They can be combined with picking racks

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