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Specification & Uses

Gravity flow racks are used for storing of high-speed production on roller tracks. Roller racks have proliferated in warehouses with high commodity turnover and large volume of products. These racks are effectively used due to absence of passageways. Higher price of gravitational racks quickly pays for itself by saving considerable amount of space and other operational resources. Gravitational racks are handled by FIFO (first in – first out). Cargo moves to the place of loading by force of gravity. The first pallet stops and brake rollers control the speed of next pallets. Gravity racks allow to store large amount of cargo, using up to 80% of the floor area. Cargo handling requires small number of personnel and equipment, because loading and unloading zones are separated.

Technical Specs

  • Section load capacity 3000 Kg


  • Suitable for retail distributions, electronics, assembly lines, wholesale etc.


  • FIFO System (the first case to get in is the first to get out)
  • Increased number of references on the front part of the shelving
  • Time reduction in the order preparation
  • More storage capacity

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