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Specification & Uses

Mobile shelving is typically used for academic or commercial applications where a significant volume of physical archive material, filing or books are to be stored. These include medical or government records, file-intensive offices such as the legal or accountancy professions, public & academic libraries & similar archives. Mobile Shelving system makes the storage easier for maintenance stores, bulk document storage, and heavy-duty supplies etc as it increases the space utilisation up to 80%. Mobile shelving system simply includes shelves or cabinets, onto a rail system, which eliminates the need of aisles so that you can move your storage whenever you need, and add more units to the same floor area. Also known as rolling track shelving system, or rolling cabinets, it is a convenient option, which can be combined with multiple accessories and units to get long term use with increased productivity.Our system is completely safe with highest standards followed for rail and belt design and manufacture

Technical Specs

  • Loading Capacity – 120 – 150 Kg per level
  • Shelf Dimensions – Length – 800, 1000, 1200 , 1300
  • Shelf Dimensions – Depth – 300, 400, 500 , 600, 700, 800


  • Filing, article storage, electronics & retail storage.


  • Noiseless, Modular and easy assembly.
  • The idea of the system can prevent access by unapproved people, which makes it secure for legal departments.
  • Effective drive device ensures easy and smooth shifting.
  • Scratch resistant and lasting finish that remains attractive for years.
  • Customizable with design, colors and sizes.
  • Easy to assemble and more units can be added for better storage.

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